How to make multiple trades on Tradengine?

Although it might often seem complicated for beginners to track multiple assets simultaneously and make multiple trades it may not be that difficult since it does not require any special skills or knowledge to do so. In case you are one of those traders, whether beginner or advanced, that wonder how it is possible to monitor multiple assets at the same time and not to miss trading opportunities this tutorial can be useful for you.

The Tradengine trading panel can contain several screens related to several assets. This enables you to keep multiple asset price charts in front of you. Although this option is reserved for professional traders beginners can also learn to go through it to maximize their profits out of binary options trading on Tradengine. It is notable that each trader can take at most 5 different positions at the same time on Tradengine broker.

How to make multiple trades on Tradengine?

In case you have set up a trading account on Tradengine and you tend to make multiple trades at the same time to get a profit from trading different assets simultaneously follow the instruction below step by step.

  1. sign in.

    Sign in to your Tradengine account. Tradengine mutiple trade

  2. View and choose available trading assets.

    On trading panel tap on the “+” icon to view the available trading assets. Tradengine multiple trades

  3. choose your desired assets.

    switch between asset categories and choose your desired assets.Tradengine multiple trades

  4. Switch between assets.

    Once you click and choose any of the assets you can see the price chart tab appeared in the trading panel main screen. You can click on each tab to view the price chart and trading menu of each asset. Tradengine multiple trades

  5. Make a trade.

    In each trading tap you can see the trade menu on the left of the screen. Enter your desired amount of capital you want to trade, set up your time frame, and then decide to take one of the options “Up” or “Down”. At the same time you can switch between assets and make other trades simultaneously. All of your pending trades would appear in your trading history and the result would also show up once the trade is finished. Tradengine multiple trades

Keep in mind that you cannot trade more than 5 assets at the same time on Tradengine. If you win any of the trades or all of them the profit and initial capital would be added to your account balance where you can withdraw your funds at Tradengine any time you want.

You have the option to use different and multiple technical tools for different assets. For example you can use commodity-based indicators for commodities assets and at the same time use another desired indicator for stocks while doing multiple trades. You also have the option to choose multiple indicators for a particular asset. Make sure to read all the available training contents and tutorials of technical analysis tools and indicators to enhance your trading results.

Tradengine multiple trades

In case you are a beginner and you want to make multiple trades with multiple assets, it is suggested to practice and develop your trading strategy using the Tradengine demo account, which is completely free and with no limitations as you have the option to charge demo account multiple times, in order to be able to test your methods and gain some experiences without the risk of losing your capital.

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